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Monday, September 10, 2007

How to Be a Alpha Male

This is a term you will usually hear about in dating world but it applies to all areas of life. Alpha males are extremely attractive to women. In society the alpha male is the person that the others follow. The Alpha male understands better than other men about what women want. Alpha male knows the art of commanding a woman's attention. Becoming an alpha male is one of the secrets to succeeding with women. You should want to learn how to become an alpha male…

What Women Want
Being an alpha male is mandatory if your aim is to attract the most amount of beautiful women possible, then you choose which women you want to date. To become an alpha male means learning the art of seduction, using the correct body language, knowing the best pick-up lines and always acting confident and relaxed around women. Women keep falling for and chasing after alpha males. First and Foremost, you must believe in yourself. Your success with women comes from having a solid frame of mind and self-confidence. Women want to be seduced by men; they would rather have a little piece of an Alpha Male than the whole part of a homely guy.

How to Be a Alpha Male – 5 Rules to Follow
Rule #1 - You need to lose your old beta male characteristics.

Rule #2 -You aren’t concerned with others opinions of you or what you do.

Rule #3 - You control every situation.

Rule #4 – You need to be an energetic guy, but not overly excited.

Rule #5 - Control your voice and tone.

How to become an alpha male is a very common question by someone who is trying to attract a beautiful woman. The more you believe you are the alpha male, the more you become the alpha male. You must let yourself become a successful alpha male. It will take a little practice before you become comfortable doing this, but as you do so you'll pick up speed and it will become second nature. If you do this, women become extremely submissive towards the alpha male, but conversely they are extremely rude and quite insulting to beta males because to them these males don’t deserve their respect or their submissiveness.

How to Be a Alpha Male - Body Language
The most important thing to remember is that you will learn how to display the alpha male body language everywhere you go and in all situations. When you become an alpha male, you display confidence in all situations and do so by developing strong body language. What body language do alpha males use to get any woman they want? They have great posture; they are relaxed and confident portraying an image as to show his territory. They act as if they “own” them area that they are currently occupying. Certain body language traits can make you appear to have inferior status, a definite turn-off to women. This is another beta trait. Believe me what I say that she will love you more if you show pride and confidence in both your body language and with what you say.

How to Be a Alpha Male - Confidence
Confidence, strong self-perception, and the ability to control a conversation and make woman feel comfortable and this is an all-important element to succeeding with and attracting women. Have complete confidence when you approach a woman and she will respond favorably to you. Be the funniest guy in a group, have the confidence to hold peoples attention. An alpha male is a guy that exudes confidence and can simply sit in a room or even interact online and attract women without being needy. He is a guy who gets around in the world by himself and gets what he wants through confidence, courage, intellect and charisma. Your alpha male status will be determined by your body language, confidence, conversation and the image you portray of yourself.

How to Be a Alpha Male - Personality
As you can see, developing some alpha male qualities in your personality can be an effective way to improve your success with women. Have what is called the "alpha male personality" consisting of the following characteristics fundamental to all alpha men. You must learn to be calm, cool and collected at all times. Learning how to demonstrate the traits above, you can enjoy becoming an alpha male and the many benefits of this magnetic personality.

How to Be a Alpha Male - Conclusion
Be a alpha male, because this is all that a woman desires. Apart from masculine presence, an alpha male has many other qualities that make him desirable to woman. As soon as an Alpha Male walks into a bar all eyes will follow him, equally divided between male and female. At any party or social situation it will be obvious who the Alpha Male is, he will have the attention of the room focused on him. Achieving the true alpha male status takes some practice, but most men will find with a little practice that it will serve them well and will double or triple his success. If you're a dominant Alpha male who commands more power, and pursues higher goals than the rest of the pack, you have no end of subordinate or submissive women eager to be with you.
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