HOW TO TIE A TIE: Buying A Briefcase - For Men Only

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Buying A Briefcase - For Men Only

There are many different styles of briefcases available for men. The hardside case called an attache is one style. This is a box with a carry handle that closes with a lock. The locks are usually combination locks that can be set for your favorite number. Attache cases are usually available in leather. However, there are some of the "James Bond" styles in aluminum or molded materials. Attache cases generally do not have a shoulder strap. If you are travelling, these can usually be hooked up to your "add a bag" strap found on your discount luggage. Attache cases are the most organized style of briefcase. They will open up with a file folder in the top portion of the case. There's usually pen loops inside as well as a PDA compartment or cell phone area. The bottom is empty and can carry books, more papers or even a laptop case. You can easily work out of an attache case from a car or on a plane or train. If you need more space, they are available in 2", 3" 4" and 5" depths. There are popular models that expand from 4" to 5" by a hidden snap closure located inside the case. Traditional cases may also have a desk inside. Some attache cases will have leather wrapped corners or a "French edge" that extends beyond the corners of the case. Many of these cases are leather lined for durability. The better quality cases will you many, many years of great wear.

Litagation style cases or briefcases are the very traditional style of top opening case that can hold a great deal of papers and books. These are the "professor" style cases now carried by many lawyers. Some are available with a padded inside compartment which will hold a laptop case. They generally have a combination lock or a key top of closing. Most of these cases do not usually have a shoulder strap. They are available in many beautiful leathers will a harder side bottom. These cases can carry a great deal of weight. Some of them have cell phone pockets and pen loops inside to organize your case. Others may have an outside pocket for a paper or one of the greatest travel accessories, a small folding umbrella. These very traditional looking cases are available in rich brown tones or black. You'll usually see these cases with a discreet monogram of the owner's initials. As with all of these types of cases, the better leathers will give you years and years of service.

The standard portfolio is the most popular with the younger men. These always have a shoulder strap for convenience in carrying. The ergonomic straps are the most comfortable when you are carrying a lot of weight. The are available with zippered closures or messenger style with a flap. These cases are available in leather or fabric or combinations of both. Leather cases are the most durable and most elegant, although some of the better ballistic nylon cases will hold up very well. Portfolios are available with many pockets and usually an inside organizer. The organizer will hold glasses, cell phone, business cards, pens and PDA's. The inside file pockets will organizer your papers. Many of these cases have a slide over feature on the back to hook over your lightweight luggage for traveling convenience. Some of the portfolios are also expandable for those days when you're carrying an extra load of papers. The better cases are made to last and give you years of dependable service.

Of course, there are now briefcases available with wheels. We seem to carry more and more and the wheeled case is becoming more and more popular. These are generally as large as the larger portfolio styles. Some of the models do have a shoulder strap for convenience. Other models have the slide over feature to also hook the case up to your luggage. Models are available with combination lock closings for security. Many of these cases may be monogrammed with a company name or logo and are popular as corporate gifts. There are versions of the wheeled case with removable wheels for the times you do not require them. The very handy pad covers will easily fit inside these cases. They are available in luxury leathers and ballistic nylons and combinations of both. Most of the wheeled cases also have an organizer inside for your pens, business cards, cell phone and PDA. Remember, in business, your briefcase case as part of that all important "first impression."

Maxine Greco has been in the luggage and travel business for over 38 years. She is currently working at Village Luggage and Gifts.



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