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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Plus Size Men's Clothing - How To Look Great and Look Slimmer Instantly

If you choose carefully with men’s plus size clothing you can give the impression of knocking off half a stone instantly by simply being careful with the type of clothes you wear.

Men’s plus size clothing can look great, you just need to know how to dress correctly and here some tips to look great.

1. Horizontal Stripes Are A No!

Vertical stripes are a yes.


Because they draw the eyes downwards, making your silhouette longer and making you look slimmer.

Formally, Pinstripe suits are the perfect, especially paired with a crisp black dress

For casual wear, try to find dark corduroys with slim stripes are also a good option

If you are wearing vertical stripes its fine and if you are not, it’s no stripes at all with this fashion tip.

2. Go Single Breasted

Single breasted jackets always look slimmer than double breasted that focus the eyes at the centre.

Also be careful about the vents at the back of your jacket on.

Stay away from blazers and jackets that are double-vented as this cut will draw attention to your bottom.

Stick to single-vented jackets or jackets without any vents and keep in mind your jacket should always cover your bottom.

4. Watch the Fit

Make sure your wear clothes that fit and you buy the size you are, rather than the size you would like to be.

Tight clothing will make you look ridiculous and show every bulge in more graphic detail.

On the other hand, many men believe baggy clothing will hide their bulges, if their to baggy they will simply make you look much bigger.

The secret to looking slimmer is to choose clothes that are not to tight not to baggy and allow you to feel comfortable and move properly.

5. Go Monochrome

A shirt and trousers in two contrasting colors will draw attention right to the centre where the join is which is your stomach!

Avoid this and go for two similar colors that don’t highlight your middle. For example Black trousers yellow top is a no Dark blue jumper and black trousers is a yes.

In plus size men’s clothing you do not want to draw attention to your middle. Finally, black is the ultimate color for slimming. If you decide to dress in black make sure you add a splash of color to break up your look

6. Don’t Wear High Neck Jumpers

In men’s plus size clothing high roll or turtle neck jumpers are a no at all costs it will simply make your neck look fatter and give the illusion of a shorter person

V-neck round necks and T-shirts are all good.

These draw the eyes down giving the impression of a sleeker silhouette also, it will give you the illusion of having a longer neck which if you have double chin or large neck will make you look slimmer.

7. Always Use A Belt

A belt will hold your waistline and make it appear slimmer and make sure your trousers hang correctly.

Conversely don’t tighten your belt to hard so you can’t breathe! Your belly will them overhang.

8. Don’t Follow Fashion Blindly

With men’s plus size clothing don’t try and follow fashions simply because you think you should, they wont always suit.

Instead develop your own personal style that makes you look good. The above are just a few tips for wearing men’s plus size clothing and we will discuss more in articles in this series.


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Men's Clothing - 7 Tips for Shopping for Business Attire

If you are look for business attire, buying mens clothing takes a bit of planning. From mens suits to dress shirts, you have to know when and where to shop, to get the best value and quality for your money.

Here are some tips to make your shopping easy and successful.

1. Scheduling: Give yourself enough time to shop in a relax manner. When you are in a rush, you are more likely to make a shopping mistake. Avoid shopping when you are exhausted emotionally or physically. Have a good breakfast or lunch before you shop, and factor in breaks to refresh. Shopping doesn't have to be an exhausting marathon.

2. Look for quality: Think about long-term wear, or amortization. If you need a suit for work, invest in high-caliber fabrics and suits that are well made. You'll get years of wear, and always look sharp. The initial sticker-shock will turn into a better investment than a cheaper suit that doesn't wear well, and gets thrown out sooner.

3. Know your power colors: Power colors are the rich, deep shades that project a powerful business image. They include black, charcoal grey and navy. Decide which of these colors is the best neutral for your business garments. This reduces the number of shoe and accessory colors you'll need to present a powerful image.

4. Get expert help: Look for an upscale men's store that gives personal service. Even if you don't buy anything there at first, you'll get a feel for what a quality suit looks like, and how it fits you. You may be able to start with one good item, such as a shirt or tie. When you have more money to spend, you can return for other wardrobe elements.

5. Look the part: If you are looking for a suit, dress as well as you can. You don't need to wear a suit, but wear a crisp shirt and pants. Wear the shoes you will be wearing with the suit. This gives the sales people a chance to observe your personal style and taste, so they can help you select the right items for your business wardrobe.

6. Be courteous: When someone spends time helping you put together a business wardrobe, thank them for their time and excellent service. You are more likely to get top-notch service the next time you shop there.

7. Be loyal: If you find a great sales person in a store or department that has good quality business clothes, get their business card or name so you can return. Send your friends there as well. You'll develop a relationship that will make it easier to shop quickly, and get exactly what you want. It takes the pain out of shopping!

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Monday, March 3, 2008

Men's Fashion - Retro Style Is Still Hot

Whether it is brand spanking new or crumpled up in the back of your dad's closet, retro fashion is still hot. Here are some tips on what to get if you want to look like a classic hipster:

1. The Old Bowling Shirt - Did this one ever really go out of style? Well, yes, but only for a little while. The classic bowling shirt is a rare retro find that will have you looking for a strike in no time. Look for bowling shirts with team names still embroidered on them or classic designs on the back.

2. Funky Shoes - Retro shoes that look like they were stolen off of a bandleader's feet are still very hot. Look for classic saddle shoes or spectators. The best material is of course alligator if you really want that retro feel. When worse comes to worse, an old pair of bowling shoes will still work.

3. Ringneck Tees - These are still old standards in any retro closet. Ringneck tees, whether they are long sleeve or short, are a quick way to feel retro the minute you slip them on. Look for tees with a little wear on them if you are going for that true vintage look.

4. The Hawaiian Shirt - If you're looking for an old Hawaiian shirt, remember, louder is better. Look for bright and bold prints that scream "I'm retro!" You can really have a lot of fun with these.

5. Chains and Jewelry - This was the era of the fraternity pins, class rings and awesome chains. Look for unique pieces of jewelry that will complete your whole retro look.

6. Classic Denim - Jeans were just starting to take off during this period and they were made so well, chances are they'll still be good for plenty of years to come. The designs of this time period were simple, but the workmanship and pocket details will still stand the test of time.

7. Wide Ties - The 50's were the era of the really wide tie. Look for some classic models with 50's prints but don't go overboard. If you don't want to go quite that retro, skinny ties were all the rage in the 60's and may work better with modern shirts.

8. Work Shirts - Even if your name isn't Bob and you never worked at a gas station, these work shirts can go to work for you. Nothing says retro quite like someone else's old work shirt.

9. Old Forgotten Brands - The best shirts are the ones that advertise for company's that have long been extinct. Look for strange shirts with even stranger slogans on them. This will give you a truly retro look and feel. Classic tshirts for retro brands are still very hip. Look for an old Coca-Cola tee or even shirts for bands back in the day. The crazier the better with these shirts.

10. Don't forget your hair - If you really want to go retro, don't forget to include your head. Study classic styles from the 50's and go to an old fashioned barber. You'll look like you just stepped out of a time capsule.

Cufflinks Inspired By Hot Rod Hubcaps

Souped up car, hot rod and dragster enthusiasts, if you've ever been impressed by the infinite array of fancy Mag wheels and hubcaps from the 50's, 60's and seventies, then you'd be equally impressed with a collection of metal cufflinks by designer brand Lbb London. They bare distinct similarities. Who knows where the designers' inspiration came from; I guess it's open for interpretation. But the resemblance to hub caps is certainly there in these miniature fashion accessories.

Cast your eyes on them some time and make your own interpretation. They certainly have an air of masculinity about them, but not exclusive. Now the demand for these little gems comes from both sides of the fence. They're also wearing our ties. "Who wears the pants in your family"? Regardless it's the women who is usually the trend setter and can make or break her husbands' style.

Kick starting or bucking trends takes a lot courage, plus, ignorance of what others may say or think. Maverick screen actress Katherine Hepburn, whose long-term lover Spencer Tracey was a customer of Huntsman, took the extraordinary step of ordering bespoke denim jeans from her late lover's Savile Row tailor. Hepburn's commission foreshadowed bespoke denim collections launched in 2006 by Timothy Everest and Evisu. The 70's gave birth to "The Dress Leans" derived from Hepburn's trend.

Now days it's quite common to see women wearing ties and cufflinks, even suits, following proudly in the tradition of the man who first introduced the dark suit. Brummell rejected 18th century frills (dandy man). His mandate, a dark blue coat, buff-coloured pantaloons and waistcoat, black boots and a clean white neck cloth, survives today asthedark business suit, white shirt and silk ties

He was particularly adamant about the whiteness of his cravats. As he made his daily rounds from the park, various gentleman's clubs and fashionable homes, Brummell would stop and change his cravat as often as three times a day. He preferred neck cloths that were lightly starched and carefully folded.

The simplicity of Brummell's uniform was adopted by everyone from many working men to his friend, the Prince Regent, later King George IV. For the first time, poorer men hoping to make their way in the world could easily imitate upper class fashion.

While women are adorning their necks with silk ties and demanding feminine cufflinks, men are more often seen wearing Brooches, traditionally considered forbidden territory. But what a natural progression, you can have matching links, or even tie pins, complemented by a suitable pocket square.

Did you know?--- 1952:Douglas Fairbanks Jr declared 'Savile Row has recaptured the tailoring supremacy of the world'. Fairbanks Jr is one of the 20th century heroes of Savile Row. As far back as 1937, it is recorded in Anderson & Sheppard's ledgers that he recommended Marlene Dietrich to the firm when she was in England to make Russian revolution epic Knight Without Armour.

Now days the demand for adequate extension to men's fashion accessories and grooming kits is growing strongly, as men become more aware of their general appearance. But there are limitations, ties, cufflinks, lapel badges, tie pins, the odd pendant and that's about it. So what's next in line of fashion accessories?

for a well groomed gentleman?

Did you know ---- Keep in mind the cufflinks themselves predate the shirt. In fact, according to the National Cufflink Society, there is evidence of cuff fasteners in ancient hieroglyphics and even in King Tut's crypt. The introduction of the French cuff in the mid 1600's moved the cufflink from the realm of practicality to personal adornment, as royalty commonly wore these decorated cuff fasteners. In the late 1700's, new link styles appeared and were soon adopted by the middle class and tradesmen. By the 1840's cufflinks were usually found in the form of gold, silver, or pearl buttons held together by metal, often brass chain.

If you would like to learn some interesting historic anecdotes about the evolution of style and fashion follow this link if you would like to see some stunning silk ties, cufflinks, belts and wallets, follow this link


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